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A Side Order Of Paul n Ringo

How could I make a site dedicated completely to just two Beatles? Here's Paulie and Ringo's lil corner on my site.

Paul: "Well, this is Ringo and I's page."

Ringo: "Ha ha yeah." (smiles)

Paul: "OOOoooOO! It's not fair! John and George get their own pages and I 'ave to share a page with..." (looks at Ringo) "'Im!"

"Stop whinning Paul! Start with your biography or somethin'!"

Paul: "OOOooooOOOO! You mean...I get to talk about me?!" (looks blissfully happy)

"Thats right Paulie!" (pats his head)

Ringo: "Do I?"

"Sure! Go ahead lads! I'll be off trying to find some more files and such. Be good!" (walks off)

Paul: "Do I look ok Ringo?" (messes with hair a bit)

Ringo: "I don't know."

Paul: (sighs) "Ok. 'Ello!" (waves) "I'm Paul McCartney, the cutest, most handsome, adorable, loveable, huggable, sweetest, nicest, most talented Beatle." (smiles proudly) "I'm 'ere to tell you all bout me! Isn't that fab?

Ringo: (raises an eyebrow at Paul)

Paul: "Well, I wus born in Liverpool, and I wus born to a farily good sized family. We weren't poor like Ringo 'an George, but we weren't very rich either. My farther wus a fireman, and he was talented too. Me whole family is talented, so naturally I am as well!"

Ringo: (blinks at Paul)

Paul: "I went to the Quarry High School, 'an met a lil lad named George Harrison. But you already know bout 'im, so he's not important 'ere. We became friends, and I use to practice at his house. His mum wus pretty gear. Any way, I met John Lennon when I was 14...15? Ah, oh well, and I joined 'is lil band. He knew I wus far too talented to push away!" (smiles proudly)

Ringo: "Uh...Paul. I think you're goin a bit over board."

Paul: "Me? Never! I'm perfect!" (clears throat)"Don't interupt! Anyway, We did a bunch or perfromances 'an concerts, ya know, in Hambourg. I met Jane, and we hit off pretty well. I ditched her later for a German bird...and then ditched her for Linda. My lovely Linda!" (gets all dreamy eyed)

Ringo: "Paul...could you hurry a bit? I want to get back to me drummin' as soon as possible."

Paul: "Oh fine. There's a bunch of blah blah 'ere and there. Beatles broke up. Blah blah blah. It wus Yoko's fault. I formed Wings, we became famous. There, happy? WAIT! I forgot about a few things!"

Ringo: (shakes head)

Paul: "I wus always considered the cute one! All the girls loved me the most, because of my cute an sweet baby face. 'An because of me lovely voice and talented guitar playing. And the whole Paul is dead thing..."

Ringo: "Paul! Thats for another page luv."

Paul: "Oh...sorry."

Ringo: "Me turn now. I wus born in Liverpool...'an I went to school. But I got very sickly alot, so I spent most of me childhood at the hospital. Me pap left me when I wus 6...but me mum wus fab...and she took care of me. I am an only child."

Paul: (yawns)

Ringo: "I got into drummin' at the hospital. 'An after...ya know...I still liked it. I gave up on school...I wus too stupid or somethin."

Paul: "Obviously." (looks off innocently)

Ringo: (ignores Paul) "I got a job at a bar. mum gave me money for voice lessons...but I'd buy fish n chips instead. They were yummy." (laughs) "I like food. I was with a band with Roray, but then I joined The Beatles."

Paul: "Hurry up Ringo! I want to talk more bout me!"

Ringo: (rolls his eyes at Paul) "I'm a good drummer. I've got an inferiority complex. Anyway...I don't remember much after that...cause I wus always runnin...and hiding...and drumming...and drinkin."

Paul: "The end!" (claps) "That wus lovely Ringo!"

Ringo: (blinks innocently) "Am I done?"

Paul: "OH YES! Go to drummin!" (smiles and waves as Ringo walks aways a bit confused)"I'm not that mean...always. I hope you enjoyed all this!" (winks and smiles)

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